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School Visits

Guided Tours and Workshops

Our tours and workshops (listed below) are free of charge.  

Led by our experienced staff we will offer the following Key Stage I and II tours and workshops at the Dock Museum:

Tour Information Duration

Tour 1

The Barrow Story

Barrow Story tour plan and Victorian poem activity.

1 Hour

Tour 2

From Farm to Furnace, looking at the growth of Victorian Barrow

Victorian Barrow tour plan and Victorian postcard activity

1 Hour

Tour 3

Barrow’s Blitz, Barrow during the Second World War

Second World War tour plan and create your own Barrow war diary activity

1 Hour

Tour 4

Vikings in Furness

Vikings workshop plan and design your own Viking coin activity

1 Hour

Tour 5

Discover the museum, find out more about our amazing objects and building

Discover the museum tour plan and create your own museum label

1 Hour

Early Years 3.jpg
Bw Island visit 1

The "Discover the museum" tour is suitable for all ages and abilities.  And you can ask questions about any part of the museum!

To find out about our programmed dates for these tours and workshops please contact the Dock Museum.

In addition, we also provide Early Years workshops:

Workshop Information Duration


Fun and interactive tour and then boatbuilders themed activities

Boatbuilders tour and activity plan and design your ship classroom activity

1 Hour


Fun and interactive tour and then portraits-themed activities

1 Hour

When booking resumes for tours, please visit the Dock Museum ahead of your visit to carry out your own risk assessment.  Be aware that there is deep water on the museum site.  You can use this document as a basis for your own risk assessment.  

Lunch can be eaten outside on the picnic tables or inside the museum (but eating inside has to be confirmed first with us).  We have a cafe and an excellent shop where affordable souvenirs can be bought.  And our playground is a great way of finishing off a fun visit to the Dock Museum.

Although tours are free, donations are appreciated to help continue the service.  Recommended donation: £20. 

We're happy to help in any way and discuss your visit further. Tours and workshops can also be customised to your needs.